Mini Skirt

Spring has shaken us awake. The trees are the very picture of paradise, frothing with petals.

This year, sheath mini skirts have emerged once more. For all the trending New York City femmes: always wear underwear, and a decently covering pair of underwear. Chances are, someone is going to snag a peak, so make sure your underwear is sizable enough so that no one gets a full view and if they do, provide an interesting color with no period stains, so you still feel tasteful. Confidence, like a sleeping eagle, is within.  In New York, you must be aware that everything you consider dear and private is going to show through, and the more comfortable you are with this, the more relaxed and open you will be.

Your outfit must be balanced. When you do choose your mini skirt, make sure your top is a fuller coverage (unless you're going to the Rockaways on the East River Ferry - then you might want to bring a little cover for the wind. But when you get off you can do whatever you damn well please because this is a free country, for the love of Pete). A fully covering top will counterbalance the legginess you’re revealing, because no one really wants to see it all. Even if they say they do.

A short skirt does not condone sandals even in the heat. But if you must, find shoes that lift your feet up enough so that you're not walking all over New York basically barefoot. I have gotten rashes from this, my feet like dried cranberries at the end of the day and the bottoms of which are dirtier than the wall behind my refrigerator.

Your body is your ‘self’: a true and vibrant thing. A living thing. Your clothes are therefore that banner that you hold, whether you like it or not. The clothing is the name you carry, so the mini skirt must be worn with purpose and dignity, if you choose to follow the wave.