Shoes and Cars

I’m here to send a different kind of message; one that has to do with the way the sweat falls off at the gym. How feelings and body are the same. It has something to do with maintaining confidence when everything around you is on the precipice and you aren’t certain how you are going to move forward and you can’t look to the side because you have to stay on course.

Here’s how I feel about the curse of comparison: it’s like driving. You’re changing gears, to go a little faster, to switch lanes at the perfect time with grace, while keeping your eyes on the road. Everyone else is driving too, perhaps right next to you. Comparing yourself to other people is like racing others on the road. It looks like you’re going to the same place, but you’re all on your own journey. And you can get veered off the road real quick.

Shoes are cars. People in New York look at them like people in LA or Miami look at cars: Bold, bright, useful, or brilliantly not useful, but maybe inspirational.

To shift gears: a long-winded speech won’t do it. Only a swift gesture at the right time. A change of footwear. If you’re on the right path you’ve got a long road before you, with many people to meet. Wear the shoes that will take you where you want to go. Don't get distracted by the others.