The whole world is getting consecrated. There is a crowning taking place of proportions we can no longer measure. There is a balance of power like a long arm clasping an orange. We are the people who tell our stories. We are the hands that crown.

There are moments we must step off. Not without courage. Not without strength. We don’t recognize our leering selves. Have I taken too much or was I given something I didn’t ask for? You say once the morning comes. But what hurts the most is the motivation behind that act. The face in the crowd you forgot, an evil eye in the midst of what you had always believed to be a sea of love. I was naive, and then I changed. I was naive and then I was let go. I saw a rot in the core. I try to find an even footing but the floor is not below. I was wrong about this place. Time to swim. What is hard becomes finding the shore together. You find partners when you need them. When you least expect them they reach their hand out and touch your fingers and then you’re there together.

A partnership must be an adventure or it is a prison.

Between two halves there is no whole. There are two halves. The whole must exist first within each entity. So, if that is the case, what is the meaning and subsequent value of partnership? My sun sign is in the seventh house, so here is a rough guide to the importance of partnership: As a business, as a set of agreements. As an acknowledgement of the other person’s autonomy, that two wholes are free. Most importantly, a deep respect for the other’s abilities is acknowledged. It's the heat between your hands; the space that is neither of you but also made by you. An independent energy that’s made by the partnership.

Everything we feared was going to happen is happening. And now the present is a strange place where we are managing the influx of horrible information in conjunction with our everyday business. These very real struggles overshadowed the release of The Carter’s album. Why am I sick of celebrity? Why is art so fake? I used to believe that art could save us and now art is synonymous with lies and escapism when we need to fix everything.

Here is a solutions: Partnership is a joint with two elements connected in a hinge. The forging of the hinge is the terms of the agreement. Rather than two jugs of water pouring into one, the partnership is a mechanism to which the two are connected, giving and taking. The complexity of the hinge is where the power lies. One must crown the other because neither will back down.