Colors: Summer 2017

Summer is upon us, and saturated colors permeate the city with oranges and reds, cobalt, and lime. So much sun fills our eyes that our irises take in all kinds of color they couldn’t over the winter. It doesn’t matter which color. Though I’d recommend warm colors. And best when it’s raining. Wear those colors wet so they shine all the more.

The trend is some moon when it’s in that weird place in the on the horizon and gets tie-dye because of the atmosphere, an artificial-looking flower. But it’s real. We’re only looking for real. Not kitschy, not showy. A circus tent in broad daylight. Creatures at the bottom of the sea weird. The color of our hearts, so many different shades in one day you can’t keep track. Corny? I don’t care. Emote with color. There are eight million people in this city (does this count the mole people?) or so they say. So say it right. And look around to see colors speaking like languages in the water.