Escape New York

Get out of the city. I know you’re probably so busy that it astounds you. I know I am. But everyone in New York City is. It’s part of the game. But in order to be trending this season you have got to escape.

Do you ever get the feeling when you’re walking down the same streets that you’re just inside you’re home all the time? You’re just home everywhere. You’re home in the subway and all those regular haunts - work, street corners, cafes, stores, bars. You start getting lazy and start getting distracted by thoughts or falling asleep on the subway. Lord knows you’ve been waking up early every single morning for the last eleven months to do glorious things in this hyper active place. But take a breath.

I’m home all over Manhattan Avenue. I’m home along University Place and Lexington Avenue above 110th street. The sidewalks become outdoor hallways. Even the people. You recognize one in a hundred of them. Because you see hundreds of people a day you recognize at least one person per day. Live in New York a while and I promise you’ll get to this point.

It’s summer: get out of New York. Wear something else for a change. Wear some little sandals and let your hair down. Wash your feet in the water. Those little feet that carry you miles a day, weaving through all those hundreds of people. Go away and cover that body up in some mountain or foreign city.

A few recommendations of on trend places to go:

We’re all dying for some human interaction: Visit a friend who lives in another state/country.

For solitude: rent a house on Interlocken in Switzerland.

For a change: go to the market in Marrakech Morocco. Get lost and find your soul.

If you want the woods: Go up the Hudson Valley on Metro North or Amtrak if you’re fancy (which I am). This place is surrounded by mountains that are full of spirits. There are also some sweet towns for shopping in like Hudson, Great Barrington, and Chatham!

If you’re a lover: Take Amtrak to Montreal and meet some feisty Quebecois boys. Speak French and they’ll speak French back (not like in Paris……). And maybe you’ll get a little something extra (like poutine at 1am after the club).