In Search of a Unicorn

First thing, and most important: you have to believe before you go looking. Many people don’t actually believe unicorns exist, or they believe that only one exists because they have found it. This can bring you down. There are people walking all over with unicorns. There is not one, nor is there none, so all of that is a pile of garbage. Go forth.

Second: unicorns are magical so they can be anywhere at any time.

Third: A unicorn is not as serious as you would expect. They like to play hide and seek. Or stand and stare at you right in the face before disappearing in undulations of sass.

Fourth: You can be searching for a unicorn for years or you can run into a unicorn without expecting it and then there’s your unicorn.

Fifth: You have to know that you’re looking for a unicorn. It is necessary to have studied the animal to know what it is. The unicorn is anatomically incorrect in those children’s books and you’re not going to recognize it in the wild if you’re going based on that. You could either pass them by or become terribly afraid and then kill them, and then you would have killed a damn unicorn...

Sixth: Remember, it might take time to find a unicorn, and losing patience does not look cool at all, not to unicorns or other travelers. 

Which leads me to seven: One person’s unicorn is another person’s mongoose. Think about it.

Be strong, you may find yourself trudging up steep hills with thick brush and thorns. You may be losing loves for the sake of the unicorn, people who you care for disappearing in the morning fog. You may become tired. You may become heartbroken. Give yourself strength. Find your power in the land. If you keep on your trail you will come across one at one meadow or another.

Did you have a unicorn as a child? You may think you can go back there to retrieve it. You can't. You have to find it with another mind. You have to find the unicorn that you embraced from the top of a tree. On your own terms, with your own will.

And after traveling for a long time you will sit down and wonder if this was all for nothing.

You begin to question your faith, and then the world seems very strange indeed.

And it is written, that you will feel a movement in your heart, for you always were the unicorn.